Community Service Awards 2019/2020
First United Methodist Church

Meals on Wheels 

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church and Sunday School

Two Women on a Mission

Spirit of King Awards 2022
Joyce Lewis
Tommy Spencer

The Spirit of King Award is presented  to community members, past and present, who have exemplified the ideals of Dr. King through their work, volunteer service and leadership. 

Community Service Award 2020/2021

Bismarck and Mary Thomas Community Center

Devona and Brittany Thomas, recipients

Community Service Awards 2022
Our fellow member, our treasurer and our friend, Lee Holbert, passed away January 26, 2022. He was honored with a Community Service Award before his passing. He was a dedicated community volunteer.

Sharing the Love Foundation

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Poetry Methodist Church Sewing Fellowship

Gabriel Cabrera

Jack Evans, Jr.
EP Shaw
Warren Roberts
Herman Furlough, Jr.
Gilbert Willie, Sr.

A fond farewell to "Pastor Pete" McNabb who was a faithful member of our organization and our community. We wish him well as he continues God's work in Sulphur Springs.

Tommy Spencer